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With the highest quality humic products in North America, Black Earth Humic products increase your yields; develop nutrient-rich, sustainable soils - resulting in stronger, healthier plants.


Build Strong and Sustainable Crops

Farms are focused on building up the organic constituents of soil. By improving soil texture, increasing water retention, providing available carbon to soil and promoting the growth of living cells, humics make your farmland as fertile and productive as nature intended.

Blooming Almond Trees

Give your crop the boost it needs.

humiZen products are derived from humalite, a highly concentrated source of humic and fulvic acid found only in Alberta, Canada. Humalite contains a unique profile of functional carbon groups, unmatched by other source materials. The extraction method used to produce humiZen products isolates the most highly bioactive humic and fulvic acids contained within this unique source. The result is a powerful humic acid product that gives your crops the boost it needs.

We believe in partnership through technology, education and growth. By placing humic acids in the hands of you, our producers, dealer partners and anyone who works with soil – as your trusted partner, we deliver experience and product knowledge that comes with knowing that you no longer have to choose between being a responsible environmental steward and your bottom line.

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Grow stronger, more sustainable greens

For thicker, greener turf golf courses, use Black Earth products to boost root health, plant density and overall turf health.


Limit the Risks from Disease and Environmental Conditions

Black Earth products can help lower the effects of prolonged stress and help farmed marine life adapt to new environments while blocking disease and infection.

Livestock Feed

Nurture Healthy Livestock

Use of Black Earth products as a livestock feed additive has proven effects on the improvement of animals’ immune systems, lowers stress level, encourages acidification of the gut, removes heavy metals and promotes the chelation of beneficial nutrients.


Remediate Soil From Hydrocarbon And Salt Contamination

The remediation benefits of Black Earth products come largely from their ability to add available carbon, improve soil texture and water retention, and enhances growth and metabolism in soil microorganisms.

Drilling Fluid

Improve rheology, compact soil and repair contaminated, toxic soils

Recognizing its excellence as a fluid loss and rheology control additive in water-based drilling muds, Black Earth has developed products that dramatically boost the efficiency of drilling muds.

Tech Grade



Develop a custom solution

Ideal for custom blending and manufacturing, Black Earth’s products support our partners looking to develop their own blends and manufacturing processes.

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