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GG 16

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Formerly known as Activ80 GG

Black Earth Humalite GG 16 is an organic, fine-grade humic granule, containing 64% humic acid (HPTA method). The fine-grade particle size allows for increased surface area which allows the particles to degrade quickly and creates greater nutrient availability to the plant.

Ideal for broadcast or in-furrow application, Humalite GG 16 enables users to apply material directly to the soil or mix with a substrate. Humalite GG 16 has limited blending capabilities.

Humalite GG 16 can also be used in manufacturing applications.

Sizes available: 2400 lb (1088 kg), 2000 lb (907 kg) and 55 lb (25 kg)

Parameter Level
Humic Acid (HPTA) 64%
Fulvic Acid (HPTA) 1.7%
Mesh Size #4 - #5
pH 3.5-4
Bulk Density 740 kg/m3
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