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The team here at Black Earth has a diverse skillset that aims to provide top-notch service and education to our customers. Our team shares a passion for agricultural sustainability, soil health, and leaving a better world for the next generation.


German Rodriguez

German is a business and agriculture professional, with a diploma in International Business Management and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Zamorano University (Honduras). Has expertise in international market development and sales. Started working with Black Earth in 2017 and manages sales and business development in over 30 countries, covering Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. He has a growing portfolio of clients and has successfully implemented strategic market developments.German is originally from El Salvador. His family produces and imports coffee, therefore, has been involved in the agriculture industry his whole life. Bilingual (Spanish and English). He’s lived in Canada for 14 years and has worked in the agriculture industry in Toronto & Calgary.

Midwest Sales Representative: Midwest United States

Mike Erdman

Starting in 2015, Mike has covered the Eastern Half of USA as a Senior Sales Representative for Black Earth. Working with agribusiness people and growers specializing in soil biology and chemistry, the focus is on improving soil health and productivity in more sustainable farming practices. After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor in Ag Industries in 1979, Mike then became a Certified Crop Advisor in 1996. He farmed in East Central Illinois until 1992 on a grain, horticulture, and livestock farm. From 1992-2015, Mike worked in agribusinesses as a District Seed Rep, Corp Consultant for a major retail fertilizer company, Farm Drainage Company, International Soil Lab Company and a True Solution Liquid Fertilizer Company. Soil Health is Mike’s passion with expertise in helping growers and agribusiness people with the economics behind it.

Business Representative: ASIA

Rayman Liu, Ph.D

Rayman supports our Western Coast North American & Asia dealer and distributor network. With expertise in technical sales, he helps our partners expand their business.  Rayman is extremely passionate about soil health! With a Ph.D. degree in soil fertility from the University of Florida and over 12 years of experience in the agriculture industry, he specialized in the fertilizer sector in North America and China. Rayman is bilingual in Chinese and English.  

Black Earth Sales Rep Rayman
Black Earth Sales Rep Rayman
Business Representative: International

Jorge Ramirez

Jorge joined the Black Earth team in February 2022 as the International Sales Representative.  With his Agronomy degree from Zamorano and an MBA from Tulane University.  Several Years of experience in different branches of the agricultural sector.  Jorge was the production manager for more than 5,500 hectares of  palm oil, then he worked in the coffee sector in where he managed more than 800 hectares of coffee from planting to export, opening of new markets in Europe and North America.  In the banana sector, manager of certifications; including Rain Forest Alliance and Global GAP, development of the tropical fruit brands and entry into the European and Spanish markets.

Business Representative: Canada

Katelyn Miller

Katelyn’s background in Canadian Agriculture gives her a sophisticated grasp of the needs of our clients and end-user goals.  Her passion for this industry comes from her involvement in her family’s mixed farming operation in the Westlock, AB area. She has had many careers inside Canadian Agriculture from customer service to R&D to sales, so she constantly strives to provide her clients with great service and technical knowledge!

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