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Testing Methods – What difference does it make?

As a grower, how do you determine quality humic acid products form less effective “imitation” products? Having an understanding of the various testing methods is a good place to start. As we mentioned, there is no universal standard for testing humic content and the percentage of humic acid in a product can ...

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Stronger Together as Your Growth Partners

Black Earth announces the official acquisition of Canadian Humalite International CALGARY, AB - Black Earth Humic has announced today the completed acquisition of Canadian Humalite International. This combination marks a strengthening of Canadian humalite based products produced in North America. It has created an organization better positioned to serve our customers and ...

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Foliar Feeding? Think Fulvic.

If you are going through all of the effort to spray your crop, wouldn’t you want to make sure you are maximizing your impact? Incorporating foliar application into your program in the spring gives your plants an added boost. By using fulvic acid, in addition to a granular application of humic in ...

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The Humic Touch

Business as usual, in unusual times. As times are continuously changing, and we continue on this journey of uncertainty, one thing is for certain – agriculture and farming keep the shelves stocked and food on the table. As a necessary industry supporting the agriculture sector, we find ourselves enduring and persisting through ...

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Ask an Expert with Bernier Coto: Part Three

Let’s talk about balanced plants. The health of the microbial communities in your soil has a direct impact on the plants ability to resist disease and yield production. It is necessary to supply an energy source to stimulate the colonies of microorganisms within the soil, as they contribute to the energy balance ...

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