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MP 30

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Formerly known as Activ80 MP

Black Earth Humalite MP 30 is an organic, fine-grade humic powder used in agricultural, industrial and manufacturing processes. Containing 64% humic acid (HPTA method), the fine powder texture is ideal for making liquid solutions and is suitable for blending with compost or bulk amendments.

Humalite MP 30 can also be used for animal nutrition applications.

Sizes available: 2400 lb (1088 kg), 2000 lb (907 kg) and 55 lb (25 kg)

Parameter Level
Humic Acid (HPTA) 64%
Fulvic Acid (HPTA) 1.7%
Mesh Size #30 - #40
pH 3.6
Bulk Density 774 kg/m3
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