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Humalite is an organic humic acid granule. With over 64% humic substances (HPTA method), this highly reactive humified carbon source can help build root systems, grow biomass, enhance nutrient uptake and availability which contribute to higher crop yield and quality.

















































Content Analysis Screen Analysis
Parameter Level Typical % Microns
Humic Acids (Colorimetric) 80% 75% 177 - 149
Inert Ingredients (Humalite) 20% 20% 149 - 74
pH 3.9 5% <74
Bulk Density 774 kg/m3 - -

Live Stock Feed


As a feed additive, mix 3-5 kg per ton in with regular feed program



For aquaculture use, add to habitat water to reduce ammonia and manage pH levels



Mix with soil medium at 30 kg/m3 (50 lb/yd3)


Other Uses

This product is best suited for companies conducting secondary manufacturing with blend formulations and extraction of active ingredients. Please contact the sales team at Black Earth for more information

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