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Liquid Carbon HC

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Formerly known as Activ24

Black Earth Liquid Carbon HC is a concentrated extracted liquid humic acid. Containing 15.3% humic acid (HPTA method), Liquid Carbon HC is a highly concentrated liquid that can be easily diluted to desired levels and is ideal for starter fertilizer applications, top dressings, injection through irrigation water and foliar applications. This liquid humic shows proven results as a stand-alone conditioner and for dry fertilizer impregnation.

Sizes available: 265 gal (1000L) and 5 gal (18.9L)

Parameter Level
Humic Acid (HPTA) 15.3%
Fulvic Acid (HPTA) 3.58%
Inert Ingredients (Water) 32%
pH 10-12
Bulk density 798 kg/m3
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