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Magna Plus

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Magna Plus is derived from humalite, a highly concentrated source of humic acid found only in Alberta, Canada. Humalite contains a unique profile of functional carbon groups, unmatched by other source materials.

Magna Plus is a revolutionary humic-fulvic product, delivering the unique properties of humalite in a durable, fertilizer-compatible granule, partially solubilized for rapid release and availability in any soil type.

Sizes available: 2000 lb (907 kg) and 50 lb (22.7 kg)


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Dry Soluble

Magna Plus represents a new era in humic acid technology, delivering the best source of humic acid with an unequalled level of operational convenience.

Magna Plus features:

  • Compatible with dry fertilizers including urea
  • Durable in blending and handling
  • Effective at low rates to minimize handling and loading
  • Suitable as a stand-alone soil amendment or in blends with fertilizers or other dry inputs
  • Magna Plus is partially solubilized to provide rapid release in any soil type
  • Delivers the soil amending benefits of humic acid and the chelating functionality of fulvic acid in a single application
  • Proven effective at improving nutrient efficiency in conditions conducive to loss or immobilization
  • Improves soil structure and moisture retention
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Parameter Level
Humic Content 50%
Hydrophobic Fulvic Acid (HPTA method) 3%
Moisture content 12-15%
pH 9-10
Bulk Density 640 kg/M3 (40lbs / ft3)
Appearance Irregular granule
- -
Crop Application Use Rate Timing Frequency
Cereals, oilseeds, pulse crops & legumes, annual fruit & vegetable, root vegetables, forages, hemp/cannabis, turf crops, tree fruits and vines

Broadcast applications – as a standalone product or blended with compatible dry fertilizers

22 – 84 kg / ha (20 – 75 lb / acre)

Preplant in spring or prior fall for annual crops. Prior to growing season or between cuttings or harvests on perennial crops

1 x per season. For perennial crops additional applications may be made as desired

Cereals, oilseeds, pulse crops & legumes, annual fruit & vegetable, root vegetables, forages, hemp/cannabis

In-furrow or banded with fertilizers

5.5 – 22 kg / ha (5 – 20 lb / acre) Preplant or at planting 1 x per season
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Our humic acid products are available in various forms, including granular, liquids, and dry soluble, with several variations of coarseness and concentration available, depending on your location. Contact the dealer in your location for a detailed list of products carried. If the dealer closest to you doesn’t carry the product you are looking for, please contact our sales team and we would be happy to help.