Our high-value line of Humalite products deliver the convenience and compatibility desired in a humic product. The extraction method used to produce Humizen products isolates the most highly bioactive humic and fulvic acids contained within the source. The result is a powerful, humic acid product that gives your crop the boost it needs.


Humizen 6-8-6 + 6% humic acids is a fertilizer that contains a high concentration of macronutrients (NPKs) which are easily available to plants. This is due to the mixture of humic and fulvic acids which provide numerous benefits and ensure that plants receive all the necessary nutrients for their proper growth, development, flowering, and fruiting. The fertilizer is designed to meet the specific requirements of plants, ensuring they get the right nutrients for optimal development.

Humic Acid
0.82 % (ISO 19822)
Humic Acid
4.14% (CDFA)
Humic Acid
5.70 % (Colorimetric)
Fulvic Acid
1.13% (ISO 19822)
101 Meq/100g
Organic Carbon
C:N ratio
Specific Gravity
9.583 lbs/gal
1 L- 4 L/ha
0.4 L-1.61 L/ac
13-53 oz/ac
All Irrigated Crops
2 L–10 L / ha
0.8-3.6 L/ac
26-133 oz/ac
All Crops – Foliar
1 L- 4 L/ha
0.4 L-1.61 L/ac
13-53 oz/ac

Compatible with most liquid fertilizers and other agricultural inputs. Conduct a small jar test on acid formulations with a pH below 5.0.

1000 L
256 gal
18.9 L
5 gal
  • 1 year if stored in cool conditions.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not allow liquid product to freeze or be exposed to excessive heat.
  • Store between 10 °C and 45 °C (50 °F to 105 °F).
tractor preparing farmland with seed