Our tech grade line of high-quality solid and liquid humic acid products have been developed from the highest quality source of humic worldwide. Our tech line can be used for custom blending , manufacturing and supports partners looking to develop their own solutions.

Liquid Carbon HC

Humalite Liquid Carbon HC is a concentrated extracted liquid humic acid that can be easily diluted to desired levels and is ideal for starter fertilizer applications, top dressings, injection through irrigation water and foliar applications. This liquid humic shows proven results as a stand-alone conditioner and for dry fertilizer impregnation.

Humic Substances
Fulvic Acid
Organic Carbon
C:N ratio
1.1 kg/L
Irrigation Water
10 L/ha
3.8 L/ac
1 gal/ac
Foliar Spray
2.5-5 L/ha
3-5 L/ac
0.25-0.5 gal/ac
Pre-Plant In furrow
2.5-5 L/ha
1-2 L/ac
0.25-0.5 gal/ac
Side Dress And Strip Till
5-20 L/ha
2-8 L/ac
0.5-2 gal/ac

Do not mix with Acid fertilizers such as 10-34-0, or any other high nitrogen or phosphate concentrated fertilizers in a liquid formulation. When impregnating with Urea it can blend up to 1 gal (3.79L) per tonne for stabilization purposes. Conduct small jar test, prior to blending. If mixing with UAN solutions, mix at a rate of 1.32gal(0.5L)LC/10gal(37.9L) UAN of product (28-0-0 or 32-0-0) for Nitrogen stabilization. Shake or agitate container prior to use. Dilute 1 to 1 to make a comparable concentration to Liquid Carbon. Apply as straight product in a band application, in seed row, injected into irrigation water or as a foliar spray.

265 gal
1000 L
5 gal
18.9 L
  • 1 year if stored in cool conditions.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not allow liquid product to freeze or be exposed to excessive heat.
  • Store between 10°C and 45°C (50°F to 105°F).
tractor preparing farmland with seed