Our tech grade line of high-quality solid and liquid humic acid products have been developed from the highest quality source of humic worldwide. Our tech line can be used for custom blending , manufacturing and supports partners looking to develop their own solutions.

BE-Zeolite II

Our premium BE-Zeolite II formula can be used in animal feed as a natural anti-caking agent or flowing agent. As a livestock feed additive, BE-Zeolite II Feed Additive Premium Clinoptilolite Formula is suitable for use with:
✔Poultry ✔Equine ✔Goats ✔Cattle ✔Dairy ✔Sheep ✔Swine
BE-Zeolite II feed additives have a quantitative effect on digestion by influencing rumen retention time or alteration of the turnover of fluid and particulate phases of digesta that creates optimum performance. BE-Zeolite II feed additives will provide a more  stable rumen buffer with respect to nitrogen availability that is beneficial to both rumen microbial fermentation and animal performance.
Bulk Density
58 +/- 5 lbs/cubic foot
5 .5-6.5


  • 2.5%–5% of total feed
  • Adult Cows: 4-8oz per day
  • Calves: 1-2oz per day

Rations depend on desired results and nutrient values of the current feed. BE-Zeolite II feed additives will also improve the physical characteristics of feed by increasing the flowability, reducing moisture levels, and acting as an anti-caking agent.

It can be mixed with other powdered soil amendments, such as humic acids, lime, dolomite, or with other powdered nutrient sources to be applied directly to the soil.

2000 lbs
907 kg
55 lbs
25 kg
  • 3 years if stored in dry conditions.
  • Avoid high humidity, water, and direct sunlight.
  • Bulk bags can be stored outdoors if dry.
  • Small bags must be stored indoors.
  • Improves water retention in the soil.
  • Improves the structure of the soil.
  • It can be used as a natural insecticide
tractor preparing farmland with seed