Stronger Together as Your Growth Partners

Black Earth announces the official acquisition of Canadian Humalite International

CALGARY, AB – Black Earth Humic has announced today the completed acquisition of Canadian Humalite International. This combination marks a strengthening of Canadian humalite based products produced in North America. It has created an organization better positioned to serve our customers and compete in the global marketplace. Going forward, the new entity created will be referred to as Black Earth Products Inc.

We are excited about what the new Black Earth has to offer. Through our strengthened product suite, we now have the ability to provide a more diverse product offering and further enables our team to consult with our partners about their soil health solutions.

“This acquisition brings exciting opportunities, not only for the growth of our company, but to work with current and new growth partners on both agriculture innovations and new applied humic innovations. This could lead to some game-changing results in the humic industry."

The new Black Earth is poised to help our partner grow their successes and drive innovations through:

  • A Distinguished Portfolio of Products and Services – Customers will have access to wider array of high-quality products and services.
  • A Stable Supplier – We intend to provide the same stability and reputation that Black Earth has earned in the marketplace.
  • Innovation – Our investments in product innovation, new businesses, and service lines will remain.

At Black Earth, we are your growth partners. Our range of Canadian-made products are designed for everything from agricultural to industrial applications and built to help you achieve your growth goals. At Black Earth, we are more than just a humic company. Our dedicated team works alongside our partners to ensure that you are choosing the right products for your application needs. Backed by science, our sustainable humalite products improve soil health, create stronger plants and increase crop yields.

We believe in partnership through technology, education and growth. At Black Earth we deliver experience, product knowledge, and peace of mind knowing that you no longer have to choose between being a responsible environmental steward and your bottom line.