Humic Acid and Drilling Fluid

Humalite For Drilling Fluid

Humalite is a naturally oxidized coal-like material that is similar to leonardite and lignite, but features a higher humidified organic matter as well as significantly lower residuals.

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Some Facts About Humic Acid

Humic acid is the main component of humic substances, which is produced when dead organic matter biodegrades. Humus is an organic substance that is known for being resistant to bacterial decay. Primarily used as a soil amendment, humic substances are known to dramatically improve water retention and soil texture while also improving living cell metabolism and growth. In addition, leonardite, humalite and similar humic acid products help reduce viscosity while also maintaining fluid density.

The many benefits of humalite are not specifically limited to agriculture. As a fluid loss and rheology control additive in most water-based drilling muds, humalite has previously been shown to improve API Filtrate and HTHP Filtrate rates when compared to other lignite sources.

Black Earth Humalite and Drilling Applications

Used as a drilling fluid additive, humic substances can help reduce water loss, with the best results being performed under high temperatures and pressure. When compared to other lignite products on the market, Black Earth gives a superior performance and enhances the efficiency of water-based drilling muds.

Mined exclusively along the sub-bituminous coalfields of Alberta, Black Earth Humalite is highly regarded for its ability to enhance filtration control, improve filter cake quality, while also working as an excellent thinner.

Why Black Earth?

Simply put, Black Earth Humalite is the highest grade of humic acid available on the market today. With naturally occuring humic acid levels guaranteed at 80% or higher, it offers the best raw ingredient properties for your fluid formulation.

Operations that have used humalite note improved performance compared to lignite products in the following areas:

  • Solubility
  • API Filtrate
  • HTHP Filtrate

Download the research see the results our customers have seen. Or, try our humalite for yourself and see how it can improve your fluid performance. We’ll send you a no-obligation sample for your own tests.

Give Black Earth a try to improve your drilling muds.