Ask an Expert with Bernier Coto: Part Two

Next up in our chat with soil health expert, Bernier Coto, is all about how microbial activity helps plants resist pathogen infection.

If you remember from last week, the roots are the neurobiology of the plant. Plants have a direct relationship with the microbiology that exists in their environment and in the soil where most interactions with roots occur.

The health and productivity of the soil is linked directly to the content of humic substances that exist within it.

By actively contributing to the conservation and increase of beneficial micro-organisms, we help to stimulate biological control mechanisms, resulting in robust and healthy plants. This is reflected in plants that are better prepared to attack pathogens, enabling robust and healthy vegetative growth which translates to greater production.

About the Expert

Bernier Coto is an Agricultural Engineer who graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and has a Masters in Agribusiness Management from Costa Rica University. With over 20 years of experience in exports, sales, production, and agronomic application of agricultural inputs in tropical crops in Central America, Bernier is the Research and Development Manager of Agrícola Piscis and its sister company Humitec de Centroamérica.

Bernier is one of Black Earth’s trusted growth partners with more than 10 years of experience in the formulation of chemical fertilizers, biofertilizers and soil amendments, five years of experience in research and implementation of organic and microbiological management of tropical crops in Central America and five years of experience in formulations of natural and biological products.

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