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The Humic Touch

Business as usual, in unusual times. As times are continuously changing, and we continue on this journey of uncertainty, one thing is for certain – agriculture and farming keep the shelves stocked and food on the table. As a necessary industry supporting the agriculture sector, we find ourselves enduring and persisting through ...

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Ask an Expert with Bernier Coto: Part Three

Let’s talk about balanced plants. The health of the microbial communities in your soil has a direct impact on the plants ability to resist disease and yield production. It is necessary to supply an energy source to stimulate the colonies of microorganisms within the soil, as they contribute to the energy balance ...

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Ask an Expert with Bernier Coto: Part Two

Next up in our chat with soil health expert, Bernier Coto, is all about how microbial activity helps plants resist pathogen infection. If you remember from last week, the roots are the neurobiology of the plant. Plants have a direct relationship with the microbiology that exists in their environment and in the soil ...

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Ask an Expert with Bernier Coto: Part One

Welcome to our Ask an Expert Series. This week we chat with soil health expert , Bernier Coto, about the role of microbial communities in cultivating healthy and sustainable soils. Bernier Coto is an Agricultural Engineer who graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and has a Masters in Agribusiness Management ...

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What Growers Should Know About Humic Material and Organic Matter

Many of the world's farms and agricultural production centers are currently struggling to maintain peak output. Farmers are finding their yields threatened by factors ranging from the overuse of land to soil toxicity and even deteriorating soil structure. As a result, more and more businesses are becoming interested in the way humic ...

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What are the Biggest Agricultural Benefits of Humic Material?

There are a lot of things for growers to love about humic material. As research and customer experience have taught us again and again, using humates carefully can lead to bigger, stronger crops – even in environments where soil density and conditions aren't perfect. ...

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