How Humic Material Affects Soil Structure

Gradual decline in soil structure has become a large concern for growers around the world.

Although overall agricultural yield is normally the top priority for commercial farms, it comes with a tradeoff in soil health. The high demands of the industry require that farms maintain high output, even in difficult ecological conditions.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that many are turning to humic material hoping that it can prove to be an effective resource.

humic material soil structure decline

Although it would be difficult to summarize the findings of numerous different studies regarding humic material and its effect on soil structure in one short article, there are three things any professional grower or agricultural operator should know:

1. Humic material can lead to more aggregated, friable soil.

Numerous field and greenhouse studies (clinical trials and research) have shown that humic material can reverse soil degradation and lead to aggregate stability. That means that soil treated with Black Earth can have better crumbs (aggregates), good friability, and become hospitable for all kinds of organic growth – especially vegetation.

2. Humic acid can break down or reduce the effects of toxins.

Although the precise results of different studies vary according to different applications, research is clear that humic acid can help clear away soil disease, toxins and other environmental contaminants that are present beneath the surface. The result is a better environment for growing plants of virtually any kind.

3. Humic material encourages water retention and root growth.

Soil treated with humic acid tends to retain more moisture and promote stronger, healthier plants. Put together with its effects on soil structure, this dynamic can help encourage both higher yields and more resilient crops.

Of course, the best way to learn about Black Earth and humic acid is to simply reach out to a member of our team and find out what kind of treatment plan we would advise for your specific situation.

We think it won’t take long for you to see why so many growers turn to us when they want to enjoy the benefits of the world’s best humic material.