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Testing Methods – What difference does it make?

As a grower, how do you determine quality humic acid products form less effective “imitation” products? Having an understanding of the various testing methods is a good place to start. As we mentioned, there is no universal standard for testing humic content and the percentage of humic acid in a product can ...

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The Impact of Humic Substances on Seed Germination

It is spring again and with this comes time for seeding. Farmers are now selecting their seed, fertilizers, equipment and other additives to ensure they produce their best crops. With that comes many expenses and farmers are always looking for a way to save a few dollars. Well here it is, add ...

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How Humic Material Affects Soil Structure

Gradual decline in soil structure has become a large concern for growers around the world. Although overall agricultural yield is normally the top priority for commercial farms, it comes with a tradeoff in soil health. The high demands of the industry require that farms maintain high output, even in difficult ecological conditions. ...

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Humalite, Hydrocarbon Remediation and Toxicity Reduction

Reclaim Toxic Soil In addition to working as a valuable drilling fluid additive, Black Earth Humalite is also a highly efficient agricultural additive, that can help enhance and reclaim toxic soil and help with the growth of microorganisms. ...

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