Humic Material and Phosphate Uptake

Would you be surprised to know that humic material can aid plant growth through phosphate uptake? Would you care?

Although the majority of professional growers and agricultural professionals we work with at Black Earth couldn’t explain the role of phosphorus in photosynthesis, and don’t think about phosphate uptake that often, they can certainly appreciate the results.

That’s because phosphorus is crucial in converting sunlight into organic material, and products like Black Earth humic material can speed that process along.

rain on healthy turf

There are a number of reasons that this occurs, and many of them involve chemical reactions at the microbial level. If you wanted to skip the technical details, however, and focus on the results, then here is what you would have to know:

Humic material helps release phosphate within alkaline soil.

Studies have shown that water-soluble phosphate can become more readily available in many kinds of soil, even when different types of metals, ores, and acids are present. So, if you have a less than ideal growing area, our humic material might be the answer.

Humic material helps to chelate phosphorus in soil with metals.

This is a more technical way of saying that it helps to extract nutrients by setting them free of metals and other substances found within soil. Humic acid helps bring out the good organic compounds that help plants grow.

The same effect has been demonstrated in clay with soil.

This shouldn’t be surprising, as humic material has been shown to stimulate and encourage stronger, healthier plant growth in many different kinds of soil. That includes soil with clay, but also in areas subject to pollution and nutrient depletion.

Of course, the very best way to learn about all of this – and really see how humic material affects phosphate uptake in a useful way – is to get a sample of our products and put them to use on your own farm. Because humic acid affects specific plants and soil types differently, you’ll be able to see with your own eyes what kinds of results are possible, and what you can expect from future applications.

To learn more about humic material and phosphate uptake, or how Black Earth products help plants to absorb more nutrients from soil, talk to a member of our team today and let us answer any questions you might have.