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The relationship between Humalite, Leonardite, and Fertilizers.

What are the differences and how do they work together? To begin we need to first understand the difference between humalite and leonardite. Both are referred to as ‘Humate’ products, and both comprised of similar materials. They are great sources of humic and fulvic acid, but per volume Humalite holds more of ...

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Humic Material and Phosphate Uptake

Would you be surprised to know that humic material can aid plant growth through phosphate uptake? Would you care? Although the majority of professional growers and agricultural professionals we work with at Black Earth couldn't explain the role of phosphorus in photosynthesis, and don't think about phosphate uptake that often, they can ...

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Black Earth Humates in Southern Illinois

Black Earth has been very fortunate to gain a business partner and friend in southern Illinois, Mike Shotts-Top Shot Ag. Mike is a small business owner, farmer and family man who heard about the benefits of humates only a short time ago. With his in-depth knowledge in local agriculture and passion for ...

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Humalite, Hydrocarbon Remediation and Toxicity Reduction

Reclaim Toxic Soil In addition to working as a valuable drilling fluid additive, Black Earth Humalite is also a highly efficient agricultural additive, that can help enhance and reclaim toxic soil and help with the growth of microorganisms. ...

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