The Humic Touch

Business as usual, in unusual times.

As times are continuously changing, and we continue on this journey of uncertainty, one thing is for certain – agriculture and farming keep the shelves stocked and food on the table. As a necessary industry supporting the agriculture sector, we find ourselves enduring and persisting through these ever challenging and evolving times. For us, it is business as usual – in unusual times.

For our team here at Black Earth, we had planned as an organization to evolve in 2020. In early 2020 we launched our new humiZen line of products, we launched a new website and we are also going forward with aggressive and rapid growth. We had planned on change, but change also found us.

Our change that we had planned on was built on the expectations of growth in the humic industry for the coming years. This change and evolution of Black Earth is an optimistic look at the industries we have supported since our inception in 1998 with the goal of developing high-grade humic products. These products are designed to help our customers in the agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and drilling industries create healthier, more sustainable soils, alongside increasing yields and production.

At Black Earth we are changing by looking towards technology and innovation, combined with education to lead our growth in the industries we support. With our new humiZen line of high value products, we are expanding our market to focus on engaging our dealers, including national level distributors and educating our network about our high value products and the increased benefits they provide to the farmers and growers we support.

Through the change that we had planned in 2020, with our new branding, online platforms, increased engagement, education and thought leadership initiatives, Black Earth is aiming to emerge as the go-to resource in both humic products and humic education.

Always plan for the fact that no plan ever goes according to plan.

Simon Sinek said, “always plan for the fact that no plan ever goes according to plan.” As our team prepped and geared up for growth mode, plans changed with a global pandemic and unexpected shifts in the competitive landscape happening simultaneously – you could say, change found us. With travel restricted and global anxiety at an all time high, we had to adapt the way we did business and how we communicated with our partners.  

To successfully overcome change, you have to be willing to pivot. Farmers and dealers in the agriculture space are always looking for efficiency in their practice. Opportunity to pivot, coupled with the launch of our new humiZen line of products created high value solutions. These efficiencies exceeded our expectations both on and off the field.

Change will always happen in all the industries we support. Through weather patterns, market fluctuations or simply demand. This global change we are currently facing together shows more than ever we need to pull together and show we can work together and overcome together.

Change is never easy. Both planned and unplanned changes can cause growing pains. This time more than ever reinforces that we are not alone and that we all need to support our partners in all that we do.  I find myself struggling some days and wondering how many others organizations are struggling with the new ways of interacting, new policies and new processes to keep our staff and clients safe and healthy.

One thing I do know – moving forward into the new normal, we’ve created a deeper connection and stronger partnerships through the technology and processes we’ve adapted.

Stay safe & healthy!

Chris Graham

Two farmers shaking hands

Chris Graham, General Manager

With 25+ years of sales and marketing experience, Chris has worked in several industries including manufacturing, energy, distribution and technology. Chris’ experience includes sales strategy, sales leadership, team development, market strategies and revenue growth. With this experience, Chris brings a new strategy and direction for Black Earth. As a team leader bringing together the experience and knowledge of the entire organization, Black Earth will move to be the industry leader in 2020 and continue to make tremendous advancements for our clients and soil sustainability. | (403) 827-9949