What are the Biggest Agricultural Benefits of Humic Material?

There are a lot of things for growers to love about humic material.

As research and customer experience have taught us again and again, using humates carefully can lead to bigger, stronger crops – even in environments where soil density and conditions aren’t perfect.

In fact, we think the results say more about humic acid than the details ever could.

agricultural benefits humic material

Here are just a few of the biggest agricultural benefits of Black Earth humic material:

1. Better soil quality.

More and more farmers across the world are having to deal with physically degraded and nutritionally depleted soil. By adding humic material, we can help you keep yours firm, packed, and nutrient-rich. Because our products work alongside fertilizers and other additives, you don’t have to worry about changing the other products and techniques you already use.

2. Stronger roots and stronger plants.

Because humic material can increase water retention across many different types of soil, plants can grow stronger both above and below the surface. That means bigger yields and more weather and disease-resistant plant life.

3. Fewer toxins in growing soil.

The different acids and enzymes that can be found in humic material are great for taking salt, pesticides, and other toxins out of soil and letting you grow healthier plants. That’s especially important if you have been heavily farming and treating your fields with inputs consisting of environmental contaminants.

4. Improved microbial growth and nutrient absorption.

Humic material helps plants to take advantage of phosphates and nutrients that are already in your soil. Additionally, they spur microbial growth, which can be helpful for crop yields in any kind of soil or environment.

These are great benefits for any farm or agricultural operation, of course, but we’ve already pointed out that results matter the most, and there isn’t any way for you to really know until you’ve tried it for yourself.

We invite you to call a member of our team today to request a sample and see what a difference we can make on your yield this season.