Why Aren’t Agricultural Outcomes Associated With Humics Consistent?

Experts nearly universally agree that it does make crops stronger, healthier, and more resilient.

They do have a few different theories as to why some humic materials are more effective than others.

One of the most perplexing things about working with humic acid, and humic materials in general, is that attempts to accurately measure and quantify their effects on crops and agricultural growth have been met with varying degree of success.

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There are a number of reasons why different forms of agriculture respond uniquely to humic material. Here are a few of the most important that any grower should be aware of:

Humic material reacts differently to distinct varieties of soil and plant life.

This shouldn’t be a surprise, as most fertilizers and pesticides work the same way. Different growing environments and seed types create new organic combinations, some of which will be more or less responsive to humic material than “average” plant life will be.

Humic material spurs organic growth at a number of different levels.

Often, growers will point to the ability of humic material to spur root growth, or make plants more disease-resistant. The reality, though, is that humic material works on several levels, even affecting microbial life, which means the results are always going to stem from a complex set of factors, not a single influence.

Humic material can vary greatly in strength and concentration.

At Black Earth, we sell the most potent humic material available on the planet. As with any soil additive or agricultural treatment, the strength and concentration of the product in question are going to affect the degree to which it’s going to work.

If you want the very best results from your humic material, then it’s important to buy the best and get the right kinds of advice for your particular environment and situation. Black Earth Humalite comes from nutrient rich sub-bituminous coal in northern Alberta, and is low in ash and toxic material that can reduce the effectiveness of humic applications.

With that in mind, we encourage you to contact Black Earth and let us show you how Humalite can increase yields, improve soil quality, and decrease disease in your crops.